Children’s Publishing Goes Digital
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Carl Kulo

US Director, Bowker Market Research, Bowker

NY, United States

Carl Kulo is US Director of Bowker® Market Research, a recognized leader in plotting trends that impact organizations serving book consumers. At Bowker, Mr. Kulo’s role includes management of the Bowker consumer research panel, reaching more than 100,000 US book consumers, where he collaborates with teams of researchers to monitor and analyze market movement and the digital transformation in the book market. Mr. Kulo manages the children’s book consumer biannual study, Understanding the Children’s Book Consumer in the Digital Age looking at market trends in book discovery, consumption, and buying behaviors among parents, teachers, and kids.

Mr. Kulo also runs primary research projects for specific segments with the book industry, including genre-specific projects, and projects with individual publishers, author groups and outlets. Among the initiatives is a multi-year project with the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) to benchmark consumer attitudes toward both e-devices and digital content. Prior to joining Bowker, Mr. Kulo was Director of Market Research for Wiley Higher Ed, where he ran qualitative and quantitative research studies for the editorial, sales and marketing groups.

Website: www.bowker.com