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Asra Rasheed


United States

Taking imagination and innovation to new levels combined with entrepreneurship has been a driving passion for Asra Rasheed throughout her career. As CEO of RRKidz, Asra’s vision is about making a meaningful and positive impact on today’s digital children through experiences they will grow to remember, love, and learn from.

Asra brings over 16 years of entrepreneurial leadership and interactive experience to RRKidz. Previously Asra was Co-Founder and President of Thumb Media Group; content publishing platform for mobile and tablet devices. She was also Founder and President of NextRental, an online videogame rental service, later acquired by Gottaplay. Asra also served as Business Advisor for Peanut Labs Media (acquired by E-Rewards). She currently serves as Advisor for The Los Angeles Film School Game Production Degree Program, Yetizen (a game start-up accelerator), and is an Executive Board Member for Women in Games International (WIGI) where she continues to advocate and promote the inclusion and advancement of women in the global games industry. Asra holds a B.A. in Finance from California State University-Fullerton. When Asra’s not “geeking” out with her team, she loves to travel the world, explore different cultures, food, and music.

Website: www.rrkidz.com
Twitter: @asrarasheed